To document on film the dedication of a group of women living in a convent who spend their whole life praying to god whilst living in isolation from the rest of the community. By entering into this house of worship, the nuns’ sacred territory, I endeavored to capture the various aspects of their daily rituals combined with their relaxation methods and general duties that are performed on a daily basis. This served to reveal who these people are, and how they dedicate their lives to what they believe in. This is what the body of work should explore.

The way in which I approached this matter was in such a way that the viewer should get an insight into the world of the monastic life. By discreetly photographing inside the chapel during the service which is conducted several times a day during which, a choir sings blessings I concentrated on the solemn demeanor held by these women. Certain aspects of these rituals were examined in detail and close up. High angles also provided an interesting viewpoint to what they are doing or “fly on the wall”approach.This could also be assimilated to the almighty looking down upon them. This would provide variation from  the standard ground level camera height.

Look & Feel
Through the use of wide apertures resulting in shallow depth of field, a feeling of separation was achieved. Additionally the use of long lenses enhanced the impression of distance. Soft window light also provided a perfect opportunity to express the caring nature of these women while a soft grainy film  added to the documentary approach and feel whilst enabling the freedom and natural look of ambient light.

Technical Specifications

135 Kodak Tri-X 400 pan
Kodak 3200 for interior low light
120 Kodak Tri-X for portraits /some internals

Mostly ambient light with some bounce flash


Photography Richard Brummer 2012